Info Pics – great to get a message across

Over the holidays a while back I was inspired by people posting #infopics on Twitter. They’re simply images that share information – a great way to get simple messages across.

One of the most well known creators of these is @tonvincent who creates some stunning infopics. They’re well worth checking out on his site.

These are some infopics I made using a couple of apps and photos I’d taken. I started with PicsArt to create the filter and border I wanted and then added the stickers with Kiwi Camera.

Kiwi_20150928_173909 Kiwi_20150928_194954 Kiwi_20150928_193336


Only you can teach like you!

Untitled Design (2)

Do you compare yourself to others? Nothing sucks the life out of me like comparing myself to other people. I’ve been doing that a lot lately – looking at what other Digital Coaches are posting online, creating, the ideas their coming up with. It can be really demoralising.

Except – when we realise that there will always be trainers, or teachers, or Principals, or parents who actually WILL be better than us. But that’s not the point and we’ll only get discouraged when we focus on being like other people.

What I find freeing, when I start to judge myself to others, is to remember that no one can facilitate and instruct like I can. No one teaches like you do. Nobody can make a connection with some students like you can or has your unique set of abilities and talents. It’s what makes our schools and businesses thrive – diversity and difference and builds real community. I can’t be a better someone else – just a better me. And I like that.