Riverton Beach

There was time for a quick swim at the best beach in Southland, we think. Riverton Beach is not exactly what you’d call warm, even in Summer, but it’s worth a dip. It was also the perfect time to test out this water proof camera I’ve had for a while but not really tested. It was a cheap ‘GoPro’ knock off and took remarkably good video for its price.

Here are some screen shots from the video I took, edited in Snapseed again since the originals are very washed out and over exposed. Could be some fun ahead with this I think.


iPhone Panoramas


If you’ve got an iPhone, chances are you’ve taken a panorama. I know Android phone have that feature on their cameras but in my experience, and I’ve owned both kinds of phones, nothing beats the iPhone for simplicity when it comes to camera features.

The Apple Youtube Channel now has some brilliant short videos that teach you how to get more out of the iPhone’s camera – from close up shots, to using the flash and of course, how to take great panoramas. In this clip below, the clip demonstrates how to use the pano in a vertical fashion to take images. Why didn’t I think of that!

Here are some recent panoramas from some of my trips this year. The trick is to move slow, keep the arrow on the line and hold your phone steady.


Rugby match, Rugby Park – Invercargill, 2017


San Francisco street, CA, 2017


Sphero workshop, TTP, Melbourne, 2017


Time Lapse Fun!

During the last school holidays I edited and posted a movie on our class and school blogs. I wanted to showcase the ‘business’ of our days for the parents of my class – a push back against the ‘nothing much’ response to that age old question from our parents, ‘What did you do at school today?’

The video was posted on the Core Education blog here, a few weeks later.  It was great to see the comments coming in and a few questions asked and the gawker software I used to create the timelapse video is something I’m keen to use again.

The next video is something I made using my iphone and and old light mount on my mountain bike.  The video speaks for itself and was the result of a ‘play around’ day when the rest of the family was out for the day.

And here is a video that is truly inspiring! The power of timelapse to tell a story, especially one that is told over a long period of time, is fantastic. This is by Christoph Rehage and was created from footage over a year. A bit longer than our school holidays allow…

Have you used a time lapse sequence in a video? Are you inspired to give it a go? Why not join in the fun!

Easy Infographics

Yesterday I found an easy (easier) way to make some cool infographics online! Infographics are information, stats and images mashed together in some cool posters. Makes maths super cool! You can see some amazing infographics examples here at coolinfographics or even better, on their pinterest page. There’s nothing like seeing info and stats in a visual way – for us ‘visual’ learners and people who like things that look cool!

A few months ago we had a go at making an infographic in our class, with varying degrees of success, using popplet and uploading images.  They didn’t really like look like the genuine article which is ok. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan but I was happy with the process of collecting data and displaying it in a static image.  It meant the learning intention which was the goal.

So here’s the online tool that lets you use easy templates and input the data you want, where you want. It’s called Piktochart. It was super easy to use, lets you add your own graphics if needed but gives you that all important structure that can be hard to make on your own.
And here’s my first attempt. It’s using some data I collected from a parent survey in Term 1 from my class. I’m looking for another chance to create something else.

Now… where can I get my hands on some stats. Never thought I’d ever write that in my lifetime!

Who needs a Star Wars break?

So.. how can I justify having this little vid on my blog?  Like this!if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘5810ba7a-89c1-4670-8043-7bd80997d5ba’); Get the <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com/widget/twtthis”>Twit This Button</a> widget and many other <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com/”>great free widgets</a> at <a href=”http://www.widgetbox.com/”>Widgetbox</a>!

I’m a big believer in teachers having a life outside of their classrooms.  Who you are out there is what you are able to bring for your students – in there.  Especially when we want to make the learning authentic and real life.  We actually need to show our students that we have one.
So, I’m often talking with my class about the little things like my 13 climbs up Mt Ngaruahoe ,  my love for Holden stationwagons (was my first car, a green one; inside and out) and how I like Star Wars movies.  
There, I did it.  Justified.  Phew.  Here’s the vid.  Pretty cool!

Wallace and Grommet Maker

Here’s another avatar maker – Wallace and Grommet style.  Thanks to Mark Warner for the link (and twitter, of course)  Tip – wait for a while for it to load, it took a while for me…

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