Riverton Beach

There was time for a quick swim at the best beach in Southland, we think. Riverton Beach is not exactly what you’d call warm, even in Summer, but it’s worth a dip. It was also the perfect time to test out this water proof camera I’ve had for a while but not really tested. It was a cheap ‘GoPro’ knock off and took remarkably good video for its price.

Here are some screen shots from the video I took, edited in Snapseed again since the originals are very washed out and over exposed. Could be some fun ahead with this I think.




It’s a whole new year! We’ve been talking a lot this summer about perspective, and how much it effects things like gratitude and your sense of purpose in life. Seemed fitting to post my first photo of the year as an aerial shot.

*Shot from our company’s DJI Mavic Pro, above our tramp in the backyard, with the help of a couple of friends (on the tramp with N and A). I need to learn a lot more about the manual settings for the drone camera – it was super bright and the auto settings weren’t coping. Even the Snapseed app couldn’t save this one.

Camels and Pokemon – VLOG #005

This is the fifth Vlog of a travel series I’ve started – this one is from a day off in Sydney. I’m loving the learning process that comes from discovering how to construct a story, film the clips and the combine them with the soundtracks.

Very fun!

‘Engage, Empower and Enlighten’ Presentation

This is the presentation for a workshop I’m taking tonight with some Home Educators in Southland. It’s exciting to sharing with a ‘different’ crowd and one outside of my normal environment – people involved in schools. But, it’s also exciting to be sharing at tonight because our own children are taught at home and I’m sharing some links and sites that have been created by my own kids!

Please dig into the presentation and engage with the links. Most of the images are linked to the actual sites and resources that I share. This is a presentation I’m sure I’ll adapt and use a few times more!

Some Pallet Fun

This is what you do when you start your summer holidays – build a bbq table! We’ve become a little obsessed with what you can build with old pallets. Not just because of how they look but probably because they’re free…

We’ve found a building supplies store in town that’s happy for you to take their pallets away for free and we’re only too happy to oblige. This latest addition, adding to our bike and shoe racks and also a coffee table, was made yesterday afternoon after some inspiration from Pinterest. It was also a great excuse to get out the circular saw I bought last week (yes, more man points). I couldn’t believe how much fun that thing is.

My plan is to scrounge around for some retro looking bike wheels to add to the front. That will make the BBQ more transportable. “Where should we BBQ tonight, honey?”

Break from the end of term exhaustion!

This morning we woke to the kids running around screaming, ‘It’s snowing!’  The snow was about an inch thick and we made a snowman before breakfast.  Talk about priorities!

Here’s the storm at about 11am.  The levels grown to about 3 inches and we’re wondering if we can still drive to the depot to get some more coal – we thought we’d just about make it till next year.   Haha, not even!

What a great way to finish the term.  I wonder if school will be open on Monday – it’s expected to snow until Tuesday.