Google whats? The difference between Apps and Extensions

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.08.11 pmOnce an educator has a grasp of the basic Google Apps (Docs, Calendar, Forms and Slides) they may start to hear talk about other apps and things called extensions. It can be enough to make the head boggle!

Here’s a brief explanation of both and a shortcut to getting your own little powerful tools to move your Google experience to the next level!

Google AppsScreen_Shot_2015-05-21_at_3_50_48_pm

There are 8 basic apps that most users see when they click on the 3×3 grid in the top right corner when signed in. By clicking MORE you can see a few more…and… you’ll then see the link to the App Market Place.

This is where you’ll be able to search, find and install the apps you’d like to find. I’ll post some of my favourite apps and extensions in a later post; I’m always finding and hearing about new tools and the possibilities seem endless.

They can also be found by going directly to the Chrome Webstore.


Apps are like websites that allow you do some amazing things, just like an iPad app, but on your browser – and they’re connected within your Google Account.

Google Extensions

Extensions are like little add-ons that you attach to your Chrome browser to give them some extra functions – again, many are amazing tools that make your google experience really grow arms and legs.

They’re also found in the Chrome Store but sit next to the URL bar of Chrome and mostly work in the background to change or adapt things or, when clicked on, activate a great little tool.


Here’s a poster that explains the differences. It could be a great print out for your Staffroom or classroom wall!

Download High Res Poster

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How to Reflect..better

My class is working on how we can reflect on our learning. We’ve often talked why it’s a good thing to stop and reflect before after and especially during a process. Now I think it’s time for us all to explore ‘how’ we can do it.

This prezi, by Peter Pappas, shows how we can deppend our reflection by using blooms to really examine what’s happening / happened. It’s well worth the time to flick through all the thoughts and media that’s involved – I love a good prezi!
One breakthrough moment I’ve had from viewing the prezi is that I could post some reflective questions for students to answer – based on some aspects of blooms. I could, for example, ask three questions. One question on understanding, one on analysing and the final one on evaluating. Scaffolding IS important for every learner, especially when we are learning to do something for the first time.

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I’ve also created a poster on an easy to remember slogan to help students write or narrate a reflection. We’ll be brainstorming all the different ways we can reflect on our blogs – writing posts, taking photos or even using voicethread and photobooth to record video or our voice.