Pokemon Go Geography!

I’m working with some teachers in NSW at the moment and a teacher and I recently created a Google Map that combined her Geography LOs and her student’s obsession with Pokemon Go!pic 11

She wanted to develop their knowledge of geographical and historical landmarks around their school, connect with the local history they learned about last term and also build their navigational skills – what better reason do we need for a Pokemon project.
We looked at Google Maps and how you can create your own by placing landmarks and adding photos and information to each landmark. The next step was to make it look more ‘Pokemon..y.’ By Google searching ‘Pokeystop icon’ and filtering it with ‘colour’ and ‘transparent’ we saved a PNG version of a Pokeystop. Look how cool the image looks when added to the map as a custom icon.
Once you have created the locations the students can edit the information to include the Ws and an H about the landmark. The beauty is that this connects the student’s understanding they developed from the previous term’s inquiry on local history.

Make sure your students are shared with editing rights. Then each student can create their own layer of Pokestops for others to explore.

If you want to engage and motivate – there’s nothing better than Pokemon Go at the moment. And when you connect an engagement tool with something meaningful – you get some super effective teaching and learning!


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