‘How to Embed Youtube’ Poster

I was asked recently for some instructions on how to embed Youtube videos into your blog. Here’s a poster that shows the simple steps with the ‘Show suggested videos when finished’ unticked.

Click on the image for the high res version to download – could be a good printable poster for the classroom wall!



A New Lens

One of my goals this year is to get to grips with a DSLR camera; stills and video. On the weekend I took a new lens on a trip with Mr 5 to a birthday party outing at Clip and Climb. It has an ‘F stop’ low end of F/1.8 (learning the lingo is half the journey) and gives you much better depth of field than the standard lens I got with the camera. I’ve been watching youtube clips about ‘Bokeh’ – blur in Japanese.

It’s great for those closeup shots, I think.





Mastering Ipad Apps

There are lots of similarities between ipad apps – the way they save, share and work with files is often the same. Another similarity is the common use of ipad icons. Once you have mastered one app then it’s much easier to learn another because you are starting to become app literate; you now understand a little more about how they work.


Image by @langwitches

I often talk about the Doctor Suess looking cog – most apps will use that to link to an app’s settings. And there are a LOT more icons that you can learn.

This graphic below is my effort to teach people the visual icons of the app. It’s like a language that, when understood, will help anyone master any app they come across. When you know that trash can icon means delete then you can apply that knowledge across every app you open – ipads start to loose their ‘fear factor’ and you begin your journey to becoming ‘An Ipad App Guru!’  Click here for the downloadable version.


I would suggest taking students through this slideshow as a class and see how many of them you already know. You could maybe have a treasure hunt and find examples of the icons on the apps you have.

It’s all about building digital efficacy, which, in itself is a modern literacy. The image below illustrates this really well!

Literacy is image

Above image from http://www.fightilliteracy.org/

What Tech to Get!

This might be slightly tongue in cheek in parts but the message is plain. It can be hard to make a completely confidence decision when it comes down to it.

– “What should we get for the classroom? Ipads, desktops, laptops, Chrome Books?”

This graphic is my way of saying; IT DEPENDS. Maybe following the flowchart will give some clarity? It might also help guide a conversation but, to be honest, the opinion I have at the moment is that whatever you buy will have the potential to enable a fantastic learning programme in your classroom.

(Even if the flow does lead to the ipad, the versatile pocket knife of the learning tool world!)

Techtoget (3)

Large Download Link