Apps for Teacher Modeling Book

Lots of teachers are using their iPads to airplay onto a TV with their Apple TV. This gives them the ability to have an interactive modelling book that they can prepare before a guided lesson and add to as the lesson progresses.

I was asked about which app I thought was the best for this. My short answer would be that it deepens what functions you want to use. For the simplest, cleanest interface I would use Bamboo but if you want some more features such as adding images, importing templates and documents and more then Explain Everything has it all!

Here’s a graphic I’ve made that highlights the features of three well known apps. Please share the graphic around.

appsmodeling (2)

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Buying vs Leasing

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.04.36 amI’ve been talking with Principal’s about the decision to either ‘buy or lease’ the devices they need for their schools. There are some very good reasons that schools go in one direction or the other and I wanted to create a simple graphic that explain the benefits of each.

I shared a google doc on twitter last week and asked some Principal’s who I knew had made these decisions recently to add their experience and views. The results were interesting and I’ve created a graphic below that showed the results.

buying vs leasing (3)

Here are some things to consider.

  • Last year a report from the US stated that for the first time, Chrome Books out sold Ipads in schools.
  • Many of the devices being used in school are becoming more mobile and cheaper – this means they don’t last as long as devices 5 – 10 years ago and aren’t designed to do so.
  • Technology is changing so rapidly now that being outdated and obselete happens quicker, too.
  • A school’s yearly budget can be designed in a way that is future proofed against technology updates and becomes sustainable.

The most important factor is to talk with the industry but most importantly you peers. Principals are more than willing to share their approach and experience and while no one knows everything, enough of us know a little that adds up to a lot.

Google – Where do we start?

Many schools are either thinking about using, using or are expert practitioners at using the Google Apps for Education suite of tools with their learners. Especially when paired with Hapara Dashboard, these apps are such a powerful way to create meaningful and manageable learning programmes with your students, as well as being a great way to create, share and store all of your staff files, also.

One of the places you can begin your Google journey is with the page linked below; this provides an overview and basic tutorial for the most commonly used Google Tools that come with a google account for your school – remember that this is a free service for schools!

Click on the image below or use the page of Google links (that will grow as time goes on) in the page menu. It’s a great place to start!