Cleaning up your Facebook Page

dislikeIf you’re like me then you have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. At the moment I use Twitter for professional connections (and for occasional political, sporting updates) and Whatsapp to keep in touch with close friends and family. I actually tried to delete my Facebook account but started one again for work and, slowly but surely it sucks you back in.

I like Facebook for connecting with people and sharing photos but I don’t like the way it sometimes over steps those relational boundaries and shares with people you hadn’t anticipated.

And don’t get me started on the ads, the spam notifications and my latest bugbear – the ‘people you may know’ bar at the top of the page. I don’t really want to see a selection of strangers staring at me when I refresh the feed every time. So today I had a look at doing something about it and, what do you know – there is a solution!

Here are the before and after shots since using a browser plugin called ‘Facebook Purity.’ A plugin is an extension to your browser that does something to the pages that you download. In this case, gives you the option to block certain features of FB. Awesome!


Watch the clip and follow the instructions. I’m totally loving it. Thanks to REtechfocus for the video.


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