Maths Symposium Presentation

Tomorrow I’m presenting a breakout at the Southland Math’s Symposium. The workshop brief I wrote was;

ICTs and Maths – understanding the potential for the tools to take your math’s programme to another level!
Today’s ICTs are making a big impact on the way we teach and learn. This workshop will explore some ideas for making the maximum influence with your student’s and their achievement. We will look at different tools through the lenses of the SAMR model of technology integration and see how they have the potential to revolutionise our teaching practice.
That’s a pretty lofty goal, I know! But why not aim for the stars. Here’s the presentation.

If you were in the workshop – my apologies for going overtime – mostly because we missed the last few slides! There I promote some amazing resources for more links and tools and mostly because I didn’t have time for my Twitter promotion – my best bit. If you’re not on twitter and connecting with other like minded, passionate educators then… you are seriously missing out.

(But that’s another workshop…)

This is the Hexagons brainstorm* (See Pam Hook’s site for more info on this great tool) we made before we started. We had a quick look at the kinds of tools we are using, and saw some of the barriers / frustrations. 
Slow connectivity was a major theme… interesting!
*I’ve uploaded the image into skitch and added the categories.

Solo Taxonomy Conversation

I posted a photo from our staff meeting this afternoon on Twitter. It lead to a conversation with @bridgetcasse who is an Assistant Principal in Auckland and, coincidentally, co-wrote a book on the use of Solo in the Junior school

Here’s the thread shown through Storify. I’m always amazed at the connections we can make with other passionate educators out there! And I’m also very proud of our staff and the journey we are all on.

Ipad Updates and Configurator

Our school is very well resourced with Ipads, laptops and Imacs at a ratio of around 1:2, not including the BYOD taken into account – thanks to our Principal @timl27. (He is one of those Principals who asks, “What do you need and why? He then goes about finding solutions to how we can fund that.) But with that many devices in the school comes the problem of maintenance and trouble shooting.

We have recently worked our way through the minefield that is Ipad Configurator (a tool in persistence strengthening and problem solving), not just in the setup and installation but also with the recent upheaval of a major IOS update as well.

This week I sent an email to our staff that explained the process of updating the apps that have needed them after the summer break. I thought I’d share this in case it is helpful for other schools. Who knows.. it may save getting tech support in and save someone some of their IT budget.

Hi Team,

There are a number of updates to install on your ipads that will need to be done this week – our class has found that quite a few apps are ‘glitchy’ (a good word for broken…) since the latest IOS 7 update and won’t work without these updates especially the following
 – doodlecast pro
 – educreations
S0 – it is crucial that these are taken to the imac ipad hub and plugged in through the configurator.
Here are some handy hints for getting this done. (If with any of these steps you need a hand I’m happy to run you through it sometime – just see me to arrange a time.)
1. Take the ipads to the desk. 
   – I’ve found that with the new covers these just stack up nicely in a pile without having to use the rack. Leave the rack in your room to save unplugging things.
2. Run each ipad through the latest IOS update BEFORE you plug them into the imac. This can be done after plugged in but takes 5 times longer. Make sure the update is completed before plugging in.
    – settings  / general / software update – click on update now.
3. Plug them into the imac cords. Click on ‘trust this computer’ if the ipad asks you to.
4. Leave them to run the updates until the configurator tells you they are finished. The configurator should look like the attached pic while they are updating. Unplug and run the next 6.
This is a very good time to give them a wipe (there is a cloth and spray on the desk – spray on the cloth and then wipe.)
Also – there are some spare screen covers on the desk to apply if you have some without them. The instructions are on the back of the packets. It’s important to keep the glass as protected as possible for when we return them after this year’s lease.
Thanks everyone! I know it takes time but is part of the responsibility of having such a fantastic resource in our classrooms! Again – see me if you would like to be shown face 2 face. I’m happy to even run a workshop after school sometime if people would like.