Easy Infographics

Yesterday I found an easy (easier) way to make some cool infographics online! Infographics are information, stats and images mashed together in some cool posters. Makes maths super cool! You can see some amazing infographics examples here at coolinfographics or even better, on their pinterest page. There’s nothing like seeing info and stats in a visual way – for us ‘visual’ learners and people who like things that look cool!

A few months ago we had a go at making an infographic in our class, with varying degrees of success, using popplet and uploading images.  They didn’t really like look like the genuine article which is ok. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan but I was happy with the process of collecting data and displaying it in a static image.  It meant the learning intention which was the goal.

So here’s the online tool that lets you use easy templates and input the data you want, where you want. It’s called Piktochart. It was super easy to use, lets you add your own graphics if needed but gives you that all important structure that can be hard to make on your own.
And here’s my first attempt. It’s using some data I collected from a parent survey in Term 1 from my class. I’m looking for another chance to create something else.

Now… where can I get my hands on some stats. Never thought I’d ever write that in my lifetime!

2 thoughts on “Easy Infographics

  1. Hi Mark- just letting you know that I read your blog from time to time – and interesting it is too! The stats graphic is definitely more interesting and I hope you manage to build your milk bottle igloo – I'll keep bringing in our family's empties 🙂


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Funny. You never know who might be reading, especially school parents.

    It's great to see Cameron blogging, too. The teaching profession blog community is a rewarding place to be!


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