Showme – Connecting any time, anywhere.

My teacher inquiry this year is to provide the parents of my class as many opportunities to be a part of the learning with my students. I suppose I ‘m trying to widen our learning community beyond being just my students and I’m assuming that this will help them achieve – so far it definitely has!

One of the things I’ve been doing is to give the students access to teaching from home – not from a worksheet but through interactive games and videos.

This isn’t anything radical but, like any good elearning practice, the effectiveness is enhanced when teaching pedagogies and media are mashed into a workable system. One that is student centred and personalised.

An example of this is our basic facts blog. Here the students are working through a series of steps on a basic facts ladder (designed by advisersplus in the Hawkes Bay) using some links to interactive games – and some videos created on a great ipad app called showme.

Showme has been a fantastic way to record some teaching steps for a particular skill that the student can access at any time. Some parents have told me that THEY”VE found them helpful when they’ve tried to help their child master a particular skill.

Here’s a video explaining more about how it came about and the impact it’s having in classrooms across the world.

There are lots of uses for this great little app. I’ve used to remind students on our classblog about the scientific method – really helpful when they’re working in groups and unsure about a step in their experiment, and last year my students became quite handy in making their own showmes to explain and demonstrate their learning about all kinds of things we were doing in class.

Here’s a showme that I made to explain how to find fractions of a whole number. The small group I was working with was able to show their parents at home and consolidate their learning even more.

How are you providing opportunities for your students and parents to continue the learning?

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