Geocaching – Treasure Hunting for Short.

Abbi and I went treasure hunting last weekend. That’s what our family calls geocaching because that’s what it is. I have a feeling it might be a new hobby of ours since it combines a short hike with hide and seek. What a great combination!

We use this app and the website that goes with it to search and log our finds. The site has all the info you’ll need to get started.

I put this together on comiclife – a hugely underestimated programme in my opinion – partly to show my class a model of how you can tell a story through the pictures and captions. Also… it’s just so much fun and so easy.
Abbi – you’re a rock star cacher!


One thought on “Geocaching – Treasure Hunting for Short.

  1. YAY, sooo excited to hear you are loving it! I think it is amazing – since I have been caching I have seen beautiful spots in and around Dunedin that I didn't even know existed! Last weekend I was in Queenstown and it seemed like every second cache had travel bugs in it. I guess the transient nature of Queenstown makes it an ideal pick up and drop off spot. I have a travel bug about to launch off to try and get to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. I think it will be fun for my class to follow it's progress. Yesterday I took a little racer travel bug to the wedding I was at – because it is travelling the world trying to get it's photo taken with cool cars. I got shots with many cool cars. Have you found any travel bugs yet? Would love to hear about it if you do. Happy caching!
    Anne K


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