Thank you, Mr McCaw!

This week we’ve been working on developing our speaking skills. The class decided that they’d love to say thanks to Richie McCaw and the ABs for the fantastic win last week in the Rugby World Cup. Below is a voice thread we’ve been making. It’s a great way for the class to hear their own speaking skills and a recorded vehicle for them to self and peer assess each other.

I’ve also forwarded the link to our voice thread to the NZRU in the hope that it gets passed onto Mr McCaw. Wouldn’t it be great if they listened to our thank yous!


I’m a teacher at Myross Bush School, way down in Invercargill. Our class wanted to do something to say thankyou to Richie and the team for last week’s amazing win.

We decided that we’d make this voice thread so we could personally record our thanks. The students wrote their own thankyous and recorded their voice on the photo of their choice.

We’d love it if you could forward this to the Media Liaison or even Richie himself. I think it’s a nice touch to hear some personal insights into where they were in those final moments and we hope the team realises how much their efforts have been appreciated by the little people in the country!

Thanks again, ABs – especially our hero – Mr McCaw!

Mark Herring

Assistant Principal

Myross Bush


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