A Connected World that’s already here.

I had another glimpse into the power of Twitter tonight – as if I needed another one. I’ve recently started following people outside of the ‘educational’ realm. @lancearmstrong, @coryjane1080 and @trevormallard are just a few and they can be pretty entertaining. It opens a world that you wouldn’t otherwise have any connection with.
So tonight I saw a tweet from @trevormallard about the Labour Party leader, Phil Goff holding #goffchat at 6.30pm. He was keen to answer questions that people tweeted. So, being the risk taker that I am, I offered a question / suggestion that I’ve been wondering for a while. And you can see the result below (overlook the spelling error ‘of’, please).

Was it a life changing interchange? No. Would that little interaction have happened at the last election? No, again. But the world is changing! It’s changing into one where a guy can ask a simple question to a political leader in a blink of an eye, just after he gets home after a run and before he eats his tea.
Is today’s world a clutter of information and a minefield of privacy issues? Yes. But it’s a connected world I’m also really enjoying. And one we should be preparing our students for – cause they’re already there.

One thought on “A Connected World that’s already here.

  1. It's funny at nethui David Cunliffe mentioned putting up some provocative statements on facebook to see if he'd get responses. Sure enough I had been moved to comment on a facebook update he made so had fallen for the experiment hook, line and sinker. Curious fact, I haven't lived in his electorate since 2002!


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