Twitter’s Birthday!

I’ve been sharing the magic of Twitter ALOT lately. (I’m sure I heard someone sigh this week but I don’t care…) It is, hands down, the MOST powerful PD you can ever be involved in. Most educators who blog have tapped into it’s potential to connect / share and upskill.

I showed our Lead Teachers this video today which has come out on Twitters 5th birthday! It’s hard to imagine life without it, now. Yes…I’m not ashamed to say that I’m professionally addicted.

Here are two small examples how teachers are using it in our cluster.

1. A class is involved in a space inquiry and they are following the astronaut in the above movie! He’s posting photos and updates from a space station. They’re apparently SO engaged in their inquiry and his posts inspire so many further questions for them to explore.

2. The Southland region now has 14 educators who are using twitter for connecting with each other, both inside the region and out. Here are a few local twitter names to watch for;
Timl27 – a local Principal – and new blogger.
Craiginteract – the IWB facilitator for the Invercargill Region
Cossie29 – AP and teacher who is embarking on some further study soon. Prolific tweeter!
COME ON! Join the revolution.=)

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