iPads in Education – resources

We’ve all been seeing the hype created by the iPad, especially when it comes to being used in the classroom. Mobile devices are being identified as the next big tech tool for learning so… here are some links I’ve collecting.
Here’s an example of one of MANY educational apps for the iPad.

Toontastic from Thushan Amarasiriwardena on Vimeo.

An amazing wiki, and another here with LOTS of resources for both the iPad and the iPod.

A blog post about using the iPad in classrooms.
Some student achievement data for use with the iPod (lets face it, the iPad is just a big screen iPod, essentially)
Some info from a blog post about the iPad2.
This video shows the iPad in action – specifically how students might use them.
And lastly – the MAMMOTH wiki for Ipad resources, created by Mike Fisher!

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