Why won’t you kids just reflect?

Following along from my post (Not ‘Lord of the Flies’ in my class) on teaching kids how to behave in our new digital world is a new initiative in my class.  We have started a Twitter account!  @Room8salford

I’ve wanted to keep driving my aim of developing the students into reflective learners. I thought I might be able to encourage this some more by using Twitter as a vehicle – they have turns on a roster system to post a small ‘what I’m doing and what I think of that’ tweet. Along the way we would learn about being responsible online citizens and put our preaching about digital etiquette (Yes! I know how to spell that now…) into practise.

Here’s a snapshot of our first two days. We have two followers, apart from me, but that’s not the aim. All the little strategies that Teacher’s College used on me have worked… which, incidentally I resented but that is another post. Maybe all my little strategies will work on them?

Are the tweets staggeringly reflective?  Not many but it’s early days.
Here are some steps I’ve taken to set it up…

1.  I have a roster on the wall behind our imac with a big red arrow next to the name of the next tweeter.  They get 20 points for their team if they tweet without me prompting them (real life incentive, people.  That is NOT a bribe…haha)

2.  We brainstormed some prompting thoughts and questions to help us work out what to tweet.  ‘What have I just learnt and how?’ or ‘What am I doing and how do I feel about that?’ for example.
3.  I’ve made our tweets private for now.  This is mostly because I want to protect the class from ‘randoms’ mentioning us in a bad way – I always think it best to tread carefully and become more liberal as time goes on – still thinking that one through to be honest…what do you think?
4.  I have a ‘follow us’ badge on our class blog for any parents who want to.  One has!  Yes.
5.  I’m going to give someone a job in class to be the tweet ‘cheer leader’ – they’ll get paid as part of our class economy for our market days.

Is there anyone else who is doing this.  I’ve had a hunt and haven’t seen any evidence.  Surely I’m not the first!  If it helps us to become more reflective – and share some snapshots of our days – then that’s awesome (or ‘trick’, my hip word for the week).

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2 thoughts on “Why won’t you kids just reflect?

  1. we are @summerland22
    much similar as you – been year 5/6 students this year and year 4 next year
    also attempting to get more reflecting going on also
    could the classes follow each other?


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