Stop with the changes already!

I like changing things. We just changed house the rooms in our house are used – we now have a study, but it’s the third major change we’ve made since moving in 9 months ago. And…I’ve just changed the template on my blog, again!

You might say I’m a restless soul but I think it’s just because I like being creative. Not in the sense that I’ll make a living in the arts (a pretty narrow view but quite common) but that I LIKE MAKING THINGS. I LOVE the satisfaction of having a vision for something and seeing it come together and I see it come out in so many different ways.

I’ve realised that this blog is something I can make and remake, over and over again…and a few people read it. Crazy.

I’ve just stumbled on the Simpson’s Avatar maker which is on their movie site. Pretty fun!

Postscript – My wife thinks my avatar looks too young and needs more grey hairs…gutted.


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