Creativity and Educational

Most of us in schools have seen or heard of Ken Robinson.  His ideas about creativity and changing the educational paradigm are often ringing in my ideas.

I’m sure he’d like the adaptation of one of his speeches by  In this video he shows how he sees a need for schools to competely change the way we do school.

What stands out for me the most how some research that was done (a longitudinal one – added that word to my lexicon!) that showed how being ‘educated’ ruins our ability for divergent / creative thinking!  We get trained into believing that there is one right answer.

What are we doing to encourage creativity in our classes?  One small thing I use is Tony Ryan’s ‘Thinkers Keys.’  (I heard Tony give a presentation at the Ulearn10 conference this month and his blog is full of fantastic ideas for 21st C learning.)  The challenge, as always, is to reform our classrooms within a system that has certain requirements and mandates.

Who’s going to be brave enough to completely reshape our schools?  I wonder if starting a new charter school, based on a new teaching and learning philosophy is an answer?  Just putting it out there!

NB:  I just found this resource of Tony’s to use in class.  Now… to get some cash.

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