I’m Back! – catch up…

It’s been FAR too long since I’ve written a post. I have no excuses, really, and it’s always amusing to read other people post their big ‘grandios’ plans to write every week – and fail in the first month.

I’ve wanted to make this blog a place to record my own learning rather than make some ground making discoveries – no disappointments there. And to say that I haven’t been learning in the last 4 months is really not true.  But…what HAVE I been doing for the last two terms?

– Our school has been making some slow…painfully slow progress with our new server, internet service and our overall communication strategy.  This has been a really eye opening process of chasing cats!
– I’ve been searching for a way to deepen and develop the thinking skills of my class and I think I may have found another tool to add to my box – ‘Solo Taxonomy’.
– Coming to terms with my new school’s Inquiry strategy.  Every school has a different take and method of planning, teaching and assessing inquiry but this has been quite a major transition to make.

So, other than all of this, the year so far has been a major journey of reassessing what I believe quality teaching to be (I’m sure this will be posted in the future). But then, does this ever settle in our profession?  (Image used by permission – sabcute_86  C.C.)