The Homework Myth

I’ve been listening to some interesting podcasts while running away the summer days. One with short, interesting interviews is Steve Decker’s , “Educational Insights“.

This podcast, ‘Homework, is it good?’ is an interview with Alfie Kohn about his book – ‘The Homework Myth’. He seems to have written a very balanced, well researched critique on the merits of what he calls, ‘getting kids to do a second shift.’
His book states;
1. No research has ever found homework to improve academic ability.
2. Homework can lead children to resenting school and could lessen their love of learning
3. There are better ways for parents to encourage discipline and hard work in their children

It makes me think about my own classroom. I provide options for those who want it, (I do expect them to be reading and taking responsibility for things like spelling and basic facts) but, otherwise, I limit homework to personal investigations and class ‘overflow’ activities. The book would seem to validate my practice.

What do you believe about homework?


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