#Eduinfopics – Posters that say a whole lot

Here’s the latest of my #eduinfopics. Today I worked with some Year 2 children on an eBook project we’re putting together to learn about time and clocks. The students are working in pairs – something that I’m finding is the best ratio for learning on iPads – without a doubt. Here’s why; working in 3s leaves 1 person left out, 2s always has someone to ask first when the other forgets, it enables students to work on their collaborative skills – listening, sharing, co-operating etc

Graphic Design Workshop

Here are the slides for a workshop I held on Graphics and Design for teachers. It could be a real help for students, as well. There are some app and website ideas, along with some insight into copyright and Creative Commons Licenses included in this.

Google whats? The difference between Apps and Extensions

Once an educator has a grasp of the basic Google Apps (Docs, Calendar, Forms and Slides) they may start to hear talk about other apps and things called extensions. It can be enough to make the head boggle! Here’s a brief explanation of both and a shortcut to getting your own little powerful tools to move your Google experience to the next level! Google Apps There are 8 basic apps that most users see when they click on the 3×3 grid in the top right corner when signed in. By clicking MORE you can see a few more…and… you’ll then see the link to the App Market Place. This is where you’ll be able to search, find and install the apps you’d like to find. I’ll post some of my favourite apps and extensions in a later post; I’m always finding and hearing about new tools and the possibilities seem endless. They can also be found by going directly to the

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Ipad Management and Setup

I’ve been asked to help a few schools setup their Ipads this term and it’s been quite an exercise working the process out! I can see why, in a lot of cases, schools decide to hire this process out to IT companies. The only ‘fish hook’ with that scenario is the cost. But, with a mind to help make the deployment journey a little less mystic, here’s a poster that explains the steps in a broad over view and in more ‘ipad hands on’ detail. I’ve based a lot of the steps on Justine Driver’s and Nick Rate’s blog posts here, my own experience and what I’ve gleaned from threads on the VLN and a local IT company. In Breaking News – Apple is just this term releasing the DEP – Device Enrolment Programme, which will dramatically reduce the steps to setup your Ipads! From the advice I’ve been given by a company down this way, Schools will be able to

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Morning Run Panorama

I shot this pic with my iPhone 6 Plus while running from our house a few weeks back. It was a pretty foggy morning and I used the panoramic setting to catch the wide angle from each side of the road.

I used the ‘magic wand’ highlighting tool in iPhoto to get the colours out. We live in a blessed part of the world!


‘How to Embed Youtube’ Poster

I was asked recently for some instructions on how to embed Youtube videos into your blog. Here’s a poster that shows the simple steps with the ‘Show suggested videos when finished’ unticked. Click on the image for the high res version to download – could be a good printable poster for the classroom wall!

A New Lens

One of my goals this year is to get to grips with a DSLR camera; stills and video. On the weekend I took a new lens on a trip with Mr 5 to a birthday party outing at Clip and Climb. It has an ‘F stop’ low end of F/1.8 (learning the lingo is half the journey) and gives you much better depth of field than the standard lens I got with the camera. I’ve been watching youtube clips about ‘Bokeh’ – blur in Japanese. It’s great for those closeup shots, I think.