Chromebooks on a Macbook?

Most NZ Primary teachers have Macbooks as their main teaching tool under the Ministry’s leasing scheme, but their student have Chromebooks. This isn’t a bog deal as most of what they do with their students is in the cloud on platforms such as Google. But – every now and again it’s helpful to be able…… Continue reading Chromebooks on a Macbook?

Book Creator Comic Tips

This week I’ve been making some comics with a class in the Book Creator app. It’s part of a bigger ‘app-smash’ we’re working on by combining the comic with the Explain Everything app to make an animated video. Here are some tips to creating a comic with backgrounds, characters, and layered objects to give your…… Continue reading Book Creator Comic Tips

My Favourite Video Site = Youtube

This is the first of a series of ‘My Favourites’ posts. There are loads of different options for things when it comes to tools and resources but sometimes it pays to have a favourite. One tool that you commit to, develop a real depth of understanding about and build up a profile of bookmarks and…… Continue reading My Favourite Video Site = Youtube

Tech Tips Video – How to import codes from VPP to Meraki

Here’s a quick ‘Tech Tips’ video on a question I was recently asked, and one that comes up often. It can be a bit of a rabbit warren to navigate around the Meraki site but hopefully this helps to give some direction. Remember that when pushing the apps to iPads you could have iPads in…… Continue reading Tech Tips Video – How to import codes from VPP to Meraki

#Eduinfopics – Posters that say a whole lot

Here’s the latest of my #eduinfopics. Today I worked with some Year 2 children on an eBook project we’re putting together to learn about time and clocks. The students are working in pairs – something that I’m finding is the best ratio for learning on iPads – without a doubt. Here’s why; working in 3s…… Continue reading #Eduinfopics – Posters that say a whole lot

Graphic Design Workshop

Here are the slides for a workshop I held on Graphics and Design for teachers. It could be a real help for students, as well. There are some app and website ideas, along with some insight into copyright and Creative Commons Licenses included in this.

Google whats? The difference between Apps and Extensions

Once an educator has a grasp of the basic Google Apps (Docs, Calendar, Forms and Slides) they may start to hear talk about other apps and things called extensions. It can be enough to make the head boggle! Here’s a brief explanation of both and a shortcut to getting your own little powerful tools to…… Continue reading Google whats? The difference between Apps and Extensions